TCP Limited was incorporated on 8th June 1971, as a Joint Sector Unit, with the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Limited (TIDCO).

In pursuance to the decision of the State Government to disinvest the shares of the Joint Sector Unit held by TIDCO, in favour of private promoters, the shares of the company were disinvested by TIDCO Ltd., in favour of the Udayar Group, with effect from 7th November 1986.


The company has set up its Plant for the manufacture of 4600 MT’s (re endorsed from 3300 tonnes) of Sodium Hydrosulphite (SHS), with the technical Know-how from the Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan, through the unique Sodium Formate Route, adopted for the first time in India. The plant is located at Karaikudi, a notified backward area, in Tamil Nadu state.

The product, Viz., Sodium Hydrosulphite, has a very wide application in the industries like Textiles, Jaggery, Pharmaceuticals and Ceramics.

The Company has also set up a Plant for the manufacture of 4950 MT’s of Liquid Sulphur Dioxide, as a captive plant, for the supply of Liquid Sulphur Dioxide for the manufacture of Sodium Hydrosulphite (SHS), with the technical Know-how from M/s Garbato Implanti Chimici s.r.l. Milano, Italy.

The company has also put up an additional Sulphur Dioxide Plant for the supply of Sulphur Dioxide to Refineries and also to augment the supplies for the production of Sodium Hydrosulphite.

The company has consistently achieved higher capacity utilization, which is unique in any chemical industry.


The project was implemented at a project cost of about Rs.8 Crores. The commercial production commenced on 1st October 1978.

The project was initially financed by the All India Central Financial Institutions by way of Equity participation, private placement of debentures, and a Term Loan assistance of Rs.520 lakhs, with a share capital of Rs.192.72 lakhs, which included Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares of Rs.25 lakhs. The Company has fully repaid the institutional Term loan assistance of Rs.520 lakhs and has also redeemed the Cumulative

Redeemable Preference Shares of Rs.25 lakhs, within the time limit prescribed for redemption. The company has obtained the central subsidy for setting up the Plant in a notified backward area.


The product has got application in the following industries:
a) Textile: As reducing agent or Dyeing Auxiliary in Vat Dyeing.
b) Food: As a preservative
c) Sugar/Jaggery: For purification as a Bleaching Agent in the removal of organic and other impurities.
d) Pharmaceutical: As a Bleaching Agent in the manufacture of certain Antibiotics and Analgesics.
e) Paper: Used as a Bleaching Agent in paper and pulp industry.
f) Clay: Bleaching of clay for removing iron impurities.
g) VAT: Manufacture of Vat Dyes.
h) Soap: Bleaching of Crude Soap.
i) Tanning of Leather: Used as a “Reducing Agent” in the preparation of Chrome Tanned Leather.


The Sodium Hydrosulphite manufactured by the company is being marketed throughout the country. In view of the unique manufacturing process adopted by the company, as compared to the process adopted by the competitors, the quality of the product manufactured by the company is superior when compared to the products of the competitors. Thus, the product manufactured by the company is widely acclaimed as the best and is readily accepted in both the Indigenous and the International markets.

ISO 9001

The company has been granted ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate by DET NORSKE VERITAS, Netherlands. The company has also been given ISO 14001 (Environment Management System) for its Power Plant.


The company is exporting its products to France, Spain, Italy, Germany, U.K., Netherlands, U.S.A., and Indonesia and is earning valuable foreign exchange. Considering the presence of multinational giants in the aforesaid countries, marketing similar products, the consistent export performance by the company is a significant achievement by the company and is a testimony to the quality of its product.

Apart from Sulphur the company also trades in other Organic and Inorganic chemicals.


The company has been regular in servicing its debts. There is no default, either in the payment of interest or in the repayment of loans, on due dates, to the Financial Institutions and Bankers, from whom the company had taken loan. The company anticipates no difficulty in servicing its debts already taken and to be taken in future, from the Institutions and Banks, in view of its continued financial soundness.



The company has set up a Plant for manufacture of Sodium Formaldehyde Sulf Oxylate, each of 500 tonnes capacity, per annum. The Sodium Formaldehyde Sulf Oxylate Plant was commissioned in March 1991.

The plant was set up at a cost of Rs.2 Crores by availing finance from the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Ltd. (ICICI) through Buyers Line of Credit. This was duly repaid in full by March ’96.

The product has been well received in the market and is comparable to similar products available in the market. It is being marketed, throughout the country, under the brand name of ‘Tangolite’.


The company has set up 12 Wind Electric Generators of 225 KW each, at Kayathar, in Thirunelveli District, in Tamil Nadu, with the financial assistance of Rs.2 Crores from the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) and Rs.6.80 Crores from the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd. (IREDA). All the 12 windmills have been duly installed and commissioned and the energy generated has been drawn for our factory at Karaikudi.

The company has also set up 7 Wind Electric Generators of 500 KW each, at Palladam Taluk, in Coimbatore District, in Tamil Nadu, at a cost of about Rs.20 Crores, with the financial assistance of Rs. 14.45 Crores from the IndusInd Bank Ltd and Rs.5.55 Crores from internal accrual.

The company has also set up 6 Wind Electric Generators of 500 KW each, at Thenkasi Taluk, in Thirunelveli District, in Tamil Nadu, at a cost of Rs. 20 Crores, financed from internal accrual.


The company has expanded the capacity of the Hydrosulphite Plant (SHS) from 4600 tonnes (re-endorsed) to 8500 tonnes per annum by adding filter dryer and other balancing equipments. The company has, out of its own internal accruals, successfully expanded the existing capacity. Due to consistent R&D efforts carried out by the company, the company was able to increase the yield per batch and consequently was able to achieve higher production.


The company has, by its R&D efforts, successfully commissioned the Zinc Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate Plant out of the funds from its internal generation and has been marketing its new product under the brand name ‘Tangolin’. The licensed capacity of the Plant is 500 tonnes per annum.


The company has also expanded the production capacity of the existing Sodium Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate plant from 500 tonnes and has been marketing the same.


As a part of backward integration, the company, by its R&D efforts, has been successful in identifying three salts, viz., Sodium Formate, Sodium Sulphite and Sodium Thio Sulphate out of the company’s effluent discharge thereby reducing the effluent almost to a zero level. These trisalts are being marketed and has value addition and is being used in leather, paper and photographic industries.


The company has set up a Drum Plant to meet its own packing requirements of Hydrosulphite, Tangolin and Tangolite, which has, to a certain extent, reduced the cost of packing.



The company had identified a 63.5 MW new, but unused, Coal Fired Power Plant in South Africa. This plant was supplied and erected in South Africa by an Italian company GIE, presently known as the Ansaldo Group. The plant, which was nearly fully erected at

Boputhatswana, in South Africa, could not be run, due to political reasons. It was decided by the Government of South Africa to sell the Power Plant.

TCP had deputed a team of its Power Plant specialists to inspect and examine the condition of the Power Plant. It was found that M/s Merz and Mclellan in South Africa and M/s Dryden Combustion Company, South Africa, had preserved the Power Plant in an excellent condition, as per the preservation procedure of the Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Based on the technical information and Plant condition, TCP Ltd purchased the Power Plant through Redington India Private Limited, Singapore, under, as is where is condition, and was brought to India for up gradation and reerection and commission at Gummidipoondi, in Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu.

Erection and commissioning

The plant was erected and successfully commissioned during September 1999. It has been operating at its targeted capacity without any hindrance. The company has entered into a Power Purchase Agreement with the TNEB for the supply of the power generated at its Plant to the TNEB Grid. The Power Plant has been successfully generating and supplying the Power to the TNEB Grid.

Project Cost and Means of Financing

The project cost of the plant for re-erection, after dismantling the same from South Africa, was estimated and appraised at Rs.109.84 Crores by Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Ltd. (ICICI) a leading Financial Institution. ICICI along with Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), C& IC Branch, sanctioned a Term Loan assistance of Rs.71.40 Crores and the balance of Rs.38.44 Crores was brought in by the Promoters by way of interest free unsecured loan and by issue of 33,54, 606 Equity Shares of Rs.10/- each, by way of Rights offer, in the ratio of 2 Equity Shares for every 1 Equity share, at par, at Rs.10/- each, to the existing shareholders, on the record date of 7th July 2000.


The company, as part of further diversification, has identified wheat products manufacturing unit. The unit has been purchased and is given on lease.


The company is presently implementing a 6 MW Biomass based Power Plant at a cost of around Rs.22 Crores duly financed partly by the Bankers and partly out of internal generation.

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